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Stilts Safety Course


Stilts allow workers, primarily those in the drywall industry, to work efficiently at an elevated level. The Ministry of Labour has set the parameters on when stilts are permitted, including:

  • only in residential construction and only for drywall finishing, and insulation and vapour barrier installation

  • up to a maximum stilts height of 76 cm (about 30 inches)

  • on level and rigid work surfaces where all openings and open sides are adequately covered or guarded, and debris and/or obstructions have been removed, guarded, placed or secured so they do not pose tripping/slipping hazards to stilts users

  • in areas where guardrails are extended to accommodate the height of the stilts being used to provide adequate fall protection to stilts users

  • provided that workers have completed an approved training program and carry      documentation of this, and

  • provided that the stilts are in good condition and inspected each day before use

Our course provides the details on how to safely use stilts while upholding the Ministry of Labour guidelines.

This training does not expire, as such, there is no renewal required. Upon completion, you will receive a card indicating you have completed this course.

More information can be found at:

Contact Us to book a Stilts Safety Course.

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